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EWA LS-80 testimonial from David

"My first contact with Alan at EWA was just a casual enquiry about a demo set of LS-40 speaker cables. After a bit of two way communication Alan said that it would be worth considering a demo of the LS-80 cable as they would make a much more worthwhile upgrade. He was absolutely right. The LS-80 made a huge improvement in my system, as much as a DAC upgrade. The soundstage is wider and deeper with more definition and space around the instruments and vocals in the recording. Alan sent me the cables to demo and evaluate with no pressure to buy. But once in my system there was no way they were ever going back. Many thanks to Alan and Colin for an amazing product and service. Highly recommended." - David, Google review We appreciate David's kind words about LS-80 on google, these user testimonials and reviews are great for getting ABCaudio seen on the internet. More to the point, we are completely thrilled when someone tries EWA cables, and they bring something special to the listening experience!

EWA LS-80 speaker cable, coiled against a white background.

We have also been playing with video shorts for facebook, and the like.


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