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EWA IC-40 Interconnects

It has taken a good few months, well seven actually, to prepare the new EWA IC-40 for release. Honestly, it has been a journey!

The first four or five sets have shipped and we are very proud of them. They take a very long time to hand-build but they do reward the listener with such insight, such a clarity and presence that we feel they are sure to be well regarded.

We recommend only the best terminations with IC-40, to that end we supply genuine WBT nextgen RCA plugs, our standard low mass XLR plugs (as seen on IC-25), and the frankly extravagant Furutech FP-601/602 XLR plugs. The plugs are special, for sure, yet the cable is the star: IC-40 is no less than triple shielded, including a bespoke EM shield. The three combine to reveal all your music, as the noise floor plunges away. Did you not have a noticeable noise floor? Wait until you hear the IC-40.

The cable has remarkable bandwidth and speed, which is managed by a built in bespoke network. This causes the frankly incredibly high resonant frequency of the cable to become even more of a benign irrelevance due to the harmonics being squashed completely.

There is a digital version coming as well, both USB and S/PDIF Co-Axial (again with WBT plugs). These will both feature active circuitry and will likely be the highest performance digital interconnects available anywhere.

Someone told me this week that social media is a savvy way to market: I therefore apologise for not updating the blog since early on in 2021, and I undertake to make something of an effort. I note with dismay that I have even neglected to photograph the new cables for you! I will attend to that soon, and attempt to make a more interesting blog!

In the meantime, here is a picture of my workshop assistant, Mr Spock:

Triple Shielded Interconnect by Colin Wonfor
EWA IC-40 Interconnect cables


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