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EWA: AWE Inspiring Audio, by Colin J. Wonfor. LS-25 testimonial.

EWA LS-80 loudspeaker cables


An LS-25 testimonial from pfm (

EWA LS-25 + MF A3 Dual Mono + Tellurium Q Ultra Black + Denon DCD720ae + AQ jitterbug + AQ crimson + IPad + Tidal.

After 2 weeks of sporadic listening I would go as far as to say that the improvement is night and day. I simply hear more instruments in there, more nuances, more emotion.....more!

They must be transmitting every last bit of information out of that lowly Denon DAC, the detail is incredible!

IMO this is as good if not better than a major component upgrade and it clearly does not matter a jot if your components are not hi-end - you still get a major I'm ready to upgrade other components in the knowledge that I will hear the best of them when I do!

Ps. I should add that for the very first track I listened to , I hardly noticed a difference. After that the sound progressively got better and better - you need to give these cables time! - forum post pfm.


EWA LS-25 by Colin J. Wonfor


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