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Branding and Photos @ ABCaudio

Release the Pretty!

We have a lot planned in the next few months at ABCaudio, and EWA.

Cables: We are consolidating the ranges into something more sensible:

Starting Point: Interconnects, Speaker Cables (and soon a Power Cable).

'25' range: Interconnects (analogue, Digi co-ax, USB), Speaker Cables, Power Cable.

(IC-25, IC-25 Digital, IC-25 Digital USB, LS-25, MC-25).

'40' range: Interconnects (analogue, Digi co-ax, USB), Speaker Cables, Power Cable.

(IC-40, IC-40 Digital, IC-40 Digital USB, LS-40, MCS-40).

'80' range: Interconnects (analogue, Digi co-ax, USB), Speaker Cables, Power Cable.

(IC-80, IC-80 Digital, IC-80 Digital USB, LS-80, MCS-80).

We will have some lovely professional photographs taken in the next week or three, showing the ranges as they are at present. Then when the final products are released, more photos are planned and the ranges will be organized as above. Nothing is being discontinued or devalued by these changes.

New products from EWA
EWA cable system

Products still to come: Starting Point Power Cable, MC-25 Power Cable, '80' Interconnects and Power Cables. Some cables will be renamed (e.g: EWA MCS-5 will become MCS-40, to fit into its new range but will otherwise unchanged). Others are a new development, such as MCS-80 (featuring active DC blocking and RF filtering). These things take time, but we are close!

Full details of our discontinued products, and any re-branded products can be found on a new web-page here: EWA Legacy Products.

Amplifiers: All the current range remain available as hand-built special orders. In the year ahead we will release an entirely new 'budget' range of high performance, low distortion, cool running class A/B amplifiers. For the first time, Wonfor designed amplifiers that will feature a remote control! These will be prototyped and developed this year, and casework designed.

A complete revision of the statement class A amplifiers is planned following the A-40 project. This is based upon a single ended class A input driver stage, a class A push/pull output stage and multiple power regulation. It was alpha tested and proved a significant improvement even over the M-50, so we plan to incorporate it at the heart of the EWA range. This may be released in 20222/23.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in Colin J. Wonfor's work at EWA, only available at ABCaudio.


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