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Almost there..

In September 2020 we re-release and re-brand EWA cable products. The sleek new look will much better represent to high performance nature of the cables and create a better first impression. So, what is changing?

LS-40 and LS-80. New raw cable, a clear step up from LS-25 and LS-50.

IC-25 interconnect: analogue and USB.

New EWA MCS-2.5 reference power cable

New look and feel

Here is a good example. Lovely new plugs, a classy outer braid and newly designed bespoke heat-shrink branding. Once the drum of IC-25 arrives from the manufacturer this month, we can start shipping.

The new loudspeaker cables will be released at a similar time - we have all we need to produce them now, but we are waiting for several cosmetic enhancements to arrive. They should look great! They will sound even better...

The new power cable is absolutely a thing of wonder, that too is coming by the end of September, or early October.

It hasn't all gone so well - the new rhodium loudspeaker termination arrived and they look great. We still can't get them to sound right though... we will try some different solder techniques, different temperatures, different solder even! If they don't sound as good as the standard termination, then they won't be fitted to an EWA cable, however good the quality of finish!

That said, the new XLR and RCA plugs are lovely, we are very happy with these.

In the meantime, by all means you can order from the webshop. Orders will be shipped as soon as the needed materials arrive, which is not long. Or if you are impatient, you can have the old style loudspeaker cable and mains cable straight away!

Stay safe, stay well; from ABCaudio and EWA.


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