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ABCaudio, EWA & coronavirus

This hardly seems the time to write about hifi and business, but ABCaudio have been quite busy this last few weeks and enquiries are up, So, an update seems warranted.

ABCaudio are still accepting and fulfilling orders. As long as we have stock and courier services operate, so shall we. It gives you something to do in lock-down, so that's no bad thing!

Mains plugs and other essential items we use will be difficult to get for the foreseeable future. So, we have limited stock right now, but when it's gone - it's gone. At least for the short term.

We also find ourselves running low on raw LS-25 cable, which will need to be paid for and manufactured. The time frame for this may prove to be unpredictable in the next few months.

The bottom line: We have everything in stock for the short term, but once things start to run out, it could take a long while to replenish our stocks and supplies.

Wherever you are, Please, stay safe and well.

Best regards,

Alan @ ABCaudio


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