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Shipping and aesthetics: 

This week we ship thirteen built cable sets, probably the largest single batch of LS-25 that will sent. Many will be eager to try their cables for the weekend!

I wanted to post a picture of the termination, this is what all the pre order cables will look like as built by ABCaudio. There is a reason they look different to the website photos; we don't have sufficient supply of the branded heatshrink that EWA used to supply. It is all gone. So we are using up the supplies we have, trying to stay true to the EWA branding as far as possible. In the next month or so, all new, full priced LS-25 will be rebranded with a new customized heatshrink design. 

LS-25 is not a directional cable, but if you wish to keep track of direction you'll notice the 'EWA' will always read from left to right starting at the amplifier end. (Or the other end, it really doesn't matter!)

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