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Elsdon Wonfor Audio LS-25 - pre-orders and dates!

I'm able to announce that our lead manufacturer has issued a provisional delivery date for LS-25. We are looking at 12th January 2019, following which ABCaudio will be building the pre-ordered LS-25 and shipping. After that we hope to have your LS-25 to you swiftly!

Elsdon Wonfor LS-25 @ ABCaudio

I won't deny a just touch of disappointment on my part in that we had hoped your orders would be fulfilled before the end of 2018. However the manufacturer has to coordinate with three different companies and are very busy themselves, so I understand we must wait our place in the queue.

I trust all will understand that the dates referred to are nothing more than a guide, issued to us and passed on to you. We are not in a position to guarantee the delivery date until we have the LS-25 in our possession.

EWA LS-25 pre-order scheme to close. Now that the main manufacturing is financed, we want to warmly thank you all who have supported the production or EWA LS-25. This simply couldn't have happened without your belief, which we hope will be well rewarded when your cables arrive.

From 1st December 2018, the LS-25 pre-order scheme managed by ABCaudio will be closed as it has reached it's intended goal of production. No discount will be offered after this point, LS-25 will be available only at it's full retail price.

If you still have a 'pre-order invoice' and have not yet paid it: Until the end of November 2018 it will be possible to pay for pre-ordered LS-25 if you have an invoice from ABCaudio (these invoices were issued at the start of November). Issued invoices still unpaid will be void from the start of December 2018. If this timescale places a burden upon you, please contact us directly and we will see what we can do for you.

EWA LS-25 in production, delivery in 2019 from

If there is any news on our delivery dates, we will of course update you here. We will also blog again to remind all that the pre-order scheme is coming to it's close. Once again, if you have any questions (Can I still get on board? Where's my invoice? etc), we urge you to contact ABCaudio as soon as possible using the contact form, on our home page.

Warm regards to you all,

Alan @ ABCaudio

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