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Manufacturing LS-25: the first stages

The raw materials have been purchased, the first manufacturers paid. Deliveries are scheduled and the process has begun!

When the 'ingredients' have all arrived, the next manufacturers begin their work and a finished product starts to form. Our co-ordinating production facility has proposed a lead time of 7-8 weeks, which means we collect the finished product early in the new year.

We have requested that production be expedited by whatever means possible, in order to receive the LS-25 earlier. It is our preferred goal to ship to pre-order customers for the years end, although we cannot guarantee this.

We will update you with a prospective completion time when we can, but committing to a shipping date until the finished, tested cable is here will not be possible.

Am I on the Pre Order List? Can I still join? If you have not received an invoice for a pre-order, please contact us immediately. We will make sure you are included on the order list and benefit from the offer price.

However, the pre-order list and special price offer will be ended very soon.


Thank you for reading this update. Everyone who has expressed an interest in EWA products via ABCaudio is welcome to benefit from this offer, and is equally welcome to opt out of receiving further emails from us. Please contact us directly to be removed from our contacts list.

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