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LS-80 loudspeaker cable

Experience everything with an unparalleled leap forward with EWA LS-80—a marvel in audio cable engineering that we proudly consider one-of-a-kind. While we are eager to share our excitement, the details of the proprietary advancements that make LS-80 exceptional remain guarded.


Surpassing the excellence of even LS-40, EWA LS-80 is a revelation in every note, making your music sound more expansive and drawing you into the performance. The immersive experience unfolds with an immense scale, and the dynamic potential feels vast, providing a grand sense of scale and presence, even at lower volumes. At higher power levels, the music engulfs you, and every detail falls seamlessly into place. You will live the music!

EWA LS-80 features a bi-conducting configuration, combining two LS-40 cables within each braided sleeve. While there is a little more to it than that, much of the magic lies in the close binding of the cable two runs, enhancing performance through mutual coupling. The result is that LS-80 becomes more than the sum of its already exceptional parts.

Upgrading to EWA LS-80 is akin to elevating your amplifier to one of higher power and quality, transcending volume considerations. This is about control, scale, dynamic events, and a pristine stereo image. EWA LS-80 embodies near-perfect phase on a loudspeaker cable, ensuring a transformative listening experience.

Static phase angle changes produced by an audio system are generally benign, but a shifting phase angle across frequency and time disrupts naturalness and flow. EWA LS-80 addresses this issue with remarkable effectiveness, building on the groundwork laid by LS-25. Unmask the potential of your audio system with EWA LS-80—an advancement that matters. Experience everything.

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